A Day In The Life Of Kathryn Abigail

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I was in the gym the other day and someone said to me “ you have a really cool job.”

Yes. Yes I do.

It hasn’t always been this way.

Three years ago I became a PT.

Before then I was a teacher. That’s a story for another day.

But the conversation in the gym got me thinking that people may be interested in an “average” day in the life of a PT. Having said this, “average” isn’t really an ideal word as they are never the same.

Pretty much all of my days start with the alarm going off really early. Before 6am I am in a studio in the gym, setting out a class for between 25 and 30 people. The class doesn’t start until 6.30am, but the kit needs to be got out. It takes a while to set up 25 work stations with steps, bars, weights, mats, then there’s the technology to connect via Bluetooth. This class will have been carefully planned to ensure heart rate is raised to correct levels in correct timescales, with muscle groups worked evenly and appropriately, and with a suitable warm and cool down.

Then we tidy it away and come home for fuel and to do school runs.

By 9am its back into the gym for first PT clients of the day, or to a centre for another class. On a typical day I see different clients each morning, in 1 hour slots from 9 – 1. Then I fit in some weight training for myself, and home to refuel before client slot 2 – 3pm and the school run.

Back to teach classes from 6pm-8pm most evenings.

I try not to work beyond 8pm as I am up early again the next morning to begin it again, so I aim to be back home by 8.30 to sit down and watch a bit of TV with the family before bed at 9.45 (sleep matters!!).

I work 7 days a week. I never get to stay in bed beyond 8am… I am lucky to be so busy, and establishing clients and classes takes time.

3 years after starting I am running 16 classes a week (including group PT sessions, bump and baby bootcamps, barbell classes, HIIT classes, kickboxercise, FightFX, BlastFX, indoor cycling….) and have 16 PT clients. Each session is tailored specifically to the aims of the participants (be that a single person or a group).

My hours are flexible and allow me to work around my large family, I love helping people to achieve, and I get paid to exercise.

It’s a fabulous job and one I love.

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